Welcome to the 2018 Season

Hello Members,

It was great to see returning members at our smoker dinner event.  A downloadable version of the 2018 season tournament schedule is found in the membership section.

Cheers all,


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VCGC Smoker – Chinese Dinner

Hello Members,

We’ve finally structured our 2018 tournament schedule. As soon as all the details are confirmed, we’ll have it posted on the website. Basically, the schedule remained the same as last year’s, but as mentioned, we’ll be starting the season with consecutive tournament weeks at the Northview courses.

Note that this year’s Intercity tournament will be hosted by the Victoria club in Sept, not too far from us although the ferry travel could be a bit tedious to some.

One thing I have to mention again and again, the “Hole in one club” carries on this year – it really doesn’t disappear in the off season since it runs perpetually. However, if anyone wishes to drop out of it, please let us know ASAP – preferably before the season starts, and if anyone wishes to join up, I can definitely add you to the list, and there’s absolutely no cost to sign up. If you don’t remember whether you had signed up at all, please check with me or our website to be sure just so there are no misunderstandings. Also note worthy is that this club runs on a “fun and games” basis, the VCGC is not responsible for the collection of payouts from its members. So please make sure that you are signed up and understand your obligations.

Quite a few members have been asking about the “Smoker” details, so here we are:

Date: April 7 (Sat)
Time: 6:00PM
Place: Flamingo Chinese Restaurant
Address: 1652 SE Marine Dr, Vancouver
Phone: (604) 325-4511
Direction: http://flamingorestaurant.com/locations/

Cost: Included in your 2018 regular member’s dues submitted this night. Guest/Social member pays $40.00.

Here are the Annual Dues for year 2018 (No change from last year):

  • Reg. Members Dues: $140.00
  • Seniors (65 & Over): $120.00
  • Social (non tournament members): $25.00

Hope to see you all and yes, bring a friend – new members are always welcome, this year we again waived the initiation fee to join.

Please RSVP by Sat Mar 31 the latest so we can reserve adequate seating for all, let us know if you are bringing guest/s. You may RSVP by reply to this email now to: vcgc.committee@gmail.com


Tonnie Lam

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VCGC Update

Are we swinging it yet?

Hey folks, pretty mild winter so far compared to last year, where’s the snow? Or am I speaking too soon. If you are one of those who left your clubs in the closet for the winter, now is the time to start thinking about dusting them off again, may be some new gears for the upcoming season? If you usually golf through the winter months anyway, good on you!

Have clubs, willing to travel?

Our club is still working on the 2018 schedule; we should be able to wrap it up soon. At the meantime, how about planning a golfing getaway down south for warmer weathers? The Federation Monterey tournament is coming up soon and some of us are already in the process of signing up for it, looks like quite a few members are interested. If last year’s Portland Intercity tournament in Sept is still fresh in your memory, this new event in the San Francisco Monterey area can be just as fun. I’m sure most of the US clubs will be very supportive of it, turnout could be quite overwhelming. Deadline to enter is March 12, so if you are thinking of going, please sign up soon, here’s the link for more info: http://cbakkennet.ipage.com/fedgolf/mem2018/index.html.

What about our club?

Tournament schedule is still in the works, just a few more to finish it off; hopefully by the Smoker night we’ll have it in place to start the year. What has been decided is the Smoker dinner will be on April 7, so chalk that date up in your calendar, more info to follow. The usual first 2 tournaments at Northview have been confirmed: Canal on April 29 and the Ridge course on May 6. The reason for the back to back week is to avoid conflicting dates with the Monterey tournament which happens on the May 20th weekend.

Thinking of winning a trophy this year?

A couple of changes to the yearend trophy awards: This year the new “Ray Ing Cup” trophy is born to commemorate one of our founders who sadly passed away last year. This trophy is created to award the Garage Points leader of the year, in the past the Garage Points leaders were awarded with cash payouts to 4 places, this will continue, and starting this year the first place leader will be awarded the “Ray Ing Cup” trophy as well. The “Most Improved” trophy will be eliminated forever.

Cheers everyone! We’ll be in touch again soon regarding the Smoker (registration night), keep warm!


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