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Here are downloadable versions of each year’s member guide – includes the tournament schedule, prize structure, and handicap scoring information.

2017 Tournament Notes:

**Note that green fees and start times are for reference only and are subject to change**

Tournament Notes: Men tee off whites and women off reds. KP’s on all par 3’s for entire field.

The VCGC Handicap committee reserves the right to adjust a member’s playing index if deemed necessary. We like to keep all competitions within each flight as fair and equitable as possible.

All members should understand that if you sign up to play a tournament, you show up rain or shine. The club will not be able to bear the cost of “no shows”. All green fees are the responsibility of the player. If you do need to cancel out, please give the Tournament Committee plenty of notice. If your spot cannot be cancelled, you’ll have to bear the cost of the green fee.